Frederick Guitar School

You Will Learn:
Instrument Basics
Music Reading/Writing
Music Theory​ 

Children and adults alike benefit from and enjoy the personalized elements of the teaching style of one on one. This provides the students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and techniques and ask questions. This is necessary to become skilled musicians. We are always happy to help students work toward their individual goals for learning.

Learning should be fun, and we work hard to ensure an enjoyable learning experience.   In making sure that students enjoy what they are learning, We strive to add value to the skills taught, by fostering a true appreciation for the joy music can bring.

 Tips for Students:
This may seem obvious; however, the number one question I get asked about lessons is “how long does it take to learn to play the guitar?”

Of course, there is no real answer to this.  Each person has his or her own goals and expectations.  What I typically tell people is “take lessons for as long as you feel that they are enjoyable and you are satisfied with the progress you are making.”

As an adult, or even kids nowadays, we have extremely busy lives.  In order to avoid the “health club guilt spiral” when learning the guitar, find a practice schedule that actually works with your life.  Avoid unrealistic expectations like “I’m going to practice an hour every single day.”  Parents, this is true for your kids also.  Accept that there will be times that your kids either can’t practice or don’t want to because they just had a four-hour long soccer practice.  Or course there is no substitute for regular practice in order to improve, however. Missing a day or two won’t derail your learning.

Thoughts on a successful learning experience:
Playing the guitar can be an enjoyable lifetime experience if you keep a few simple tips in mind.  Much of the advantage of private instruction is the ability to ‘custom tailor” the learning experience to each individual’s learning speed and style.  The one-on-one interaction allows the lessons to be personal and fun as well as educations.

Tips for a successful lesson experience:

Success in life, as the old saying goes; it’s all about attitude.  Success with music is really no different.  I have found over the years that my most successful students (children and adults) have had a positive musical experience by keeping these things in mind.

                            Enjoy and happy Rockin'!